#DrivingElectricRevolution and Tech Lancaster is helping highlight career and job opportunities within PEMD ElecTech industries powering the electrification of our world in the race to Net Zero

Creating opportunities for the Power Electech sector.


Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) are technologies that enable the control and delivery of electrical energy. These technology sectors are growing fast as they are vital in allowing the world to reach net zero. PEMD technologies are used across many sectors including transportation, energy generation and distribution, industrial machines and robotics.

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Electech is an industry sector that develops and manufactures the electronics and electrical products that underpin the electrified world. Driven by innovation, this high-tech sector focuses on designing and making high-value products and systems which are key elements of our daily lives.

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PEMD technologies are crucial components of our high-tech world – from transportation to robotics. Our race to Net Zero depends on the electrification of many industries and sectors, and PEMD will enable this transition. Whilst this encompasses a wide range of technological activities, a crucial area is the design and manufacture of Electech Power technologies, creating the electronic systems used as building blocks within PEMD.

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PEMD and Power Electronics is a critical part to achieving the UK’s targets for a low-carbon economy. From the transition to electric vehicles to the renewable generation of power, PEMD has a huge role to play in decarbonising the planet, with the UK at the forefront of the technological race to reach Net Zero.

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The investment in PEMD and Electech skills will accelerate the UK’s ability to deliver:

  • Renewable energy
  • Next generation electric vehicles
  • Hybrid aircraft – hydrogen and fully electric
  • Smart grids for energy distribution
  • Industrial drives
  • Robotics
  • Low-carbon construction and agriculture equipment
  • Low-carbon maritime and rail